Repertoire for solo recital

16th century:
Byrd, Bull,Peerson, Johnson, Sweelinck, Dowland, Facoli, Vallente, Farnaby, Cabezon

17th century:
Pachelbell, Froberger, Frescobaldi, Purcell, L.Couperin, J.J. de Chambonnieres, D' Anglebert, Forqueray, Martin y Coll, Lebegue

18th century:
J.S.Bach, C.P.E.Bach, J.Chr. Bach, Handel, Telemann, D.Scarlatti, F. Couperin, Daquin, Dandrieu, Croft, Clerambault, Rameau, Duphly, Cimarosa, Blasco de Nebra, Cantallos, M.Albeniz, A.Soler, Albero, Galles, Ferrer, Seixas, Haydn, Mozart

20th century: Martinu, Rodrigo, Poulenc, Martin, De Falla, Ligetti

Concerts with orchestra

J.S.Bach: Concerts for harpsichord and orchestra
  Fifth Concerto Brandenburghese
  Triple Concert in a-minor

G.F.Handel: Concert F-Major

J.Haydn: Concert D-major
  Double Concert for violin and harpsichord in F-major

C.P.E.Bach: Double Concert for harpsichord and piano Es-major

B. Galuppi: Concert

A.Felici: Concert

B.Martinu: Concert for harpsichord and orchestra

F.Poulenc: Concert "Champetre" for harpsichord and orchestra

Manuel de Falla: Concert for harpsichord and five instruments

Special offer!  
Luigi Gatti (1740-1817) Concert in D-major for harpsichord and chamber orchestra
* This piece does not exist in any thematic catalogue of Gatti, it was not performed, therefore the performance with me will be a world premiere.

Chamber music

From Duo (Sonatas from J.S.Bach till today), all the possible combinations with instruments, from 16th century untill today.

Special offer!  
Antonio Soler: Six Quintets for String Quartet and Cembalo Concertante